Fleet charging with green energy: complete package from Envision Digital and Lumenaza paves the way to a climate-neutral company

20 Dec 2021 / Press releases


  • Partnership offers a complete solution: in-house installers support companies in charging e-fleets with green electricity of verifiable origin
  • Companies and employees benefit from flexible electricity packages and simple billing modules
  • Cooperation pays off for climate protection and sector coupling goals of the new coalition in Germany


Munich/Berlin, 13 December 2021 - The two software companies Envision Digital Germany and Lumenaza announced the expansion of their offering specifically for fleets today. Envision Digital is a specialist for AIoT-based complete solutions for charging electric vehicles (EVs) as well as a pioneer of climate neutrality through smart energy management, while Lumenaza is a software as a service platform operator for the green, decentralized energy world. The complete package "Charging by EnOS" makes the changeover easy for companies and employees. The package consists of a charging box suitable for a charging location at the office site or at the front door, installation services by in-house electricians, a green electricity tariff that matches the vehicle and driving behaviour, and an integrated and automated billing and reporting tool.

Climate-friendly e-mobility through green electricity
The new coalition in Germany aims to put 15 million all-electric vehicles on the road by 2030. To achieve this, the electrification of fleets is an important lever: according to the statistics database Statista, commercial owners accounted for around 63 percent of new passenger car registrations in 2020. In order to accelerate sustainable electrification, Envision Digital and Lumenaza believe that integrated solutions that allow charging with green electricity of verifiable origin are needed. This need is met by the complete package "Charging by EnOS".

The advantages: the all-round package works independently of manufacturers, the electricity comes 100 per cent from renewable energies in Germany, and the fiscally complex accounting is simplified via the tool. At the same time, companies can monitor and reduce their CO2 balance and thus contribute to climate neutrality.

Easy charging with 100 per cent green electricity of verifiable origin
Only those who charge with 100 per cent green electricity are totally climate-friendly on the road. To enable EV drivers to charge with 100 per cent green electricity from verifiable sources, Envision Digital and Lumenaza have been working together since 2020. Envision Digital ensures that the right charging box is chosen and guarantees installation and maintenance by in-house installers. Lumenaza delivers smart tariffs and electricity of green origin. What started as an offer just for private individuals is now being expanded for the business environment.

Drazen Nikolic, Managing Director of Envision Digital in Germany, says: "Envision Digital sees itself as a technology partner on the road to climate neutrality. Together with Lumenaza's energy and software expertise, we can join forces and leverage synergies. We are pleased to work with Lumenaza to advance the transformation of the mobility and energy sector that is so necessary for climate protection, and to offer companies and private individuals a solution that guarantees that they can set up their mobility in a climate-friendly way."

Christian Chudoba, CEO and founder of Lumenaza, adds: "Our partnership with Envision Digital will act as an important driver in the advancement of the electrification of mobility. Together, we are making green e-mobility accessible to end-customers. This requires simple and transparent offers for companies and end-users. Our modular and scalable energy as a service platform, combined with Envision Digital's smart charging solutions, provides companies with easy-to-use electricity products. Our approach makes this contribution to climate protection truly measurable.

About Envision Digital:
Envision Digital is one of the world's leading greentech companies. The software company focuses on the digital transformation of the energy industry with the aim of using energy more efficiently and thus making an essential contribution to a sustainable future. At the core of this is the company's own Energy Operating System EnOS, a software based on Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) for the intelligent management of energy. Around EnOS, Envision Digital offers a wide range of services in the field of electromobility for private individuals and companies, for smart buildings and smart cities.

With "Charging by EnOS", the company supplies an all-in-one package for private charging stations and company fleets in the electromobility segment. The package includes the intelligent charging box, professional installation and an attractive green electricity tariff including smart meter. The "Charging by EnOS" charging solution can be expanded into a comprehensive AIoT solution in the private and business environment.

German Envision Digital is a subsidiary of Envision Digital, headquartered in Singapore, which employs around 500 people in twelve offices worldwide.

About Lumenaza: 
Lumenaza offers a powerful SaaS platform that enables green utilities to start, grow and evolve their business by connecting producers and consumers of green distributed energy. The company unlocks innovative business models based on green distributed energy resources. The scalable software platform significantly reduces time-to-market and cost-to-serve for new energy services, as well as enabling complex and concise billing schemes. By providing energy market roles as a service, Lumenaza ensures everyone meets regulatory obligations. The company is based in Berlin, Germany, working with major customers including Envision Digital, E.ON and SMA.

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