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Product and platform update for Lumenaza API, Cockpit and Branding

06 Jan 2021 / Technology

Today, green utilities demand scalable solutions to grow and diversify their offering, as end-customers expect fast access to innovative products for various applications. That's why we have developed the leading energy-as-a-service platform, connecting producers and consumers of green distributed energy.



Our open and modular cloud-based platform works across the full end-customer lifecycle and is adaptable to many use cases. We offer innovative ways of integrating new products within existing portfolios and provide easy access to the energy market.

In September last year, we gave a development update on the Lumenaza REST API and our Cockpit. We plan to continue these updates to regularly inform you about our latest product and platform features. Below, we briefly present the functionalities we have been working on over recent weeks.

Virtual Power Plant - enhanced API enables development of an online application process for producers

We have extended our API so that our customers now can develop an online application process for producers. This makes it easier for us to add new producers and their renewable energy plants to our portfolio.

Lumenaza Cockpit - updated access system

We have extended the access system for the Lumenaza Cockpit, making it possible to specify groups with different access rights. In addition to basic access, such as the ability to view Cockpit information, further access options now include changing master data, updating instalment plans and carrying out switching processes.

For groups with the relevant rights, new buttons in the Cockpit simplify the processing of customer enquiries during first-level support. The customer search in the Cockpit has been optimized and designed more accessibly.

Electricity market processes - credit assessment

When registering new customers, a credit assessment can now be carried out via the registration API. This simplifies and speeds up the registration process.

Billing - new branding possibilities

A color scheme can now be applied to the consumption comparison chart in annual and monthly invoices so that the invoice document's branding is now consistent in terms of color.

You can find an overview of our platform capabilities here and take a look at our products here. If you would like to receive regular news from us in your inbox, you can subscribe to our newsletter here.


We wish you a healthy and successful 2021!

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