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Development update for the Lumenaza REST API and Cockpit

07 Sep 2020 / Technology

Lumenaza enables green utilities to start, grow or evolve their business. We have developed the leading energy as a service platform, connecting producers and consumers of green distributed energy. Our open, modular cloud platform works across the full end customer lifecycle and is adaptable to diverse use cases. We offer innovative ways of integrating new products within current portfolios, strengthen existing legacy systems and provide easy access to the energy market.


Establishing distributed energy products on the market efficiently and effectively requires personalized and precise billing models, as well as fast and smooth integration into existing IT infrastructures. Data-driven algorithms, the ability to process large quantities of data - including imperfect data - and extensive APIs are all crucial. 

We are continuously expanding the Lumenaza REST API and Cockpit area of our platform. In recent weeks, we have added numerous new calls and extensions to existing calls to the API, supporting the continued development of innovative energy products. In this blog, we will introduce some of the new functionalities. 

New options for product design 

Our REST API now allows you to retrieve energy prices from the day-ahead market from within the Lumenaza platform and transfer them to your own application. This will enable you to offer variable pricing models, such as smart tariffs

The individual cost components of electricity prices, such as EEG levy and grid usage fees, are broken down by our price calculator API. This offers your customers the maximum transparency for their electricity pricing, even before they sign a contract. The household tariff is also shown during the application process, enabling you to display the cost savings for the end customer. 

New ways of finalizing contracts 

Via the API, contracts for producers and consumers can now be finalized directly within an online portal. 

Thanks to additional API endpoints, you can now validate individual customer information during the application process even before they submit their application, meaning each individual application can be designed in detail according to your requirements. This functionality simplifies the application process and helps to reduce the dropout rate.  

Producers also have access to a comprehensive online application process, as additional information such as the current aggregator can be included in addition to the required data. 

Enhanced clarity for customers 

You now have the option of calling up individual details, such as the invoice amount, of customer invoices, allowing you to display the information in customer accounts conveniently. Meanwhile, customers with several different contracts can view their invoice information separately rather than bundled together. 

Data about your energy community, such as the degree of self-sufficiency, can now be called up with a start and end date, giving your end customers more informative value. Additionally, the expected annual production, longitude and latitude of individual energy plants can be accessed, allowing you to create a map of energy producers. 

Increased automation of accounting processes 

Previously, you could receive payment advice notes and related market partner invoices via our Cockpit and CSV interfaces. Thanks to our enhanced Market Partner API, accounting processes have now been further automated. This API offers the possibility of retrieving both outgoing and incoming payments. Furthermore, the gathering of market partner invoices has been enhanced with additional data points and filter options. 

Improved analysis capabilities 

The Lumenaza Cockpit now offers the possibility to export your customers' standing data and most recent annual consumption to use in a variety of analyses. 

Additionally, you can now use our REST API to retrieve historical meter values with a quarter-hour resolution if a registered load profile measurement meter or smart meter is installed. These can be visualized in an app or used for business intelligence evaluations. 

Extended end customer bonus function 

Using the bonus function, you can credit bonuses to your customer directly from your CRM and define the payment modalities. Our latest update also allows you to add a name, description and validity period to the bonus. 


Lumenaza develops powerful software to connect producers and consumers of green distributed energy, providing everyone access to the energy market. Explore our energy products and follow us on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with new developments.

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