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Our services

Lumenaza is the software provider for the new, decentralized and digitized energy world. Our platform maps highly automated, scalable and modular energy-management functions and processes in order to directly connect production and consumption (“peer-2-peer”).

The Lumenaza software platform makes it possible to connect and intelligently monitor all participants in the new energy world such as utilities, producers, consumers, battery-powered and electric vehicle owners, in a single digital marketplace. Lumenaza is able to connect and monitor generation plants, buy up the electricity generated - even from very small plants -, sell it to end customers, manage related balancing groups and present production and consumption data in real time. The Lumenaza platform depicts the energy-management processes of direct marketing and market communication, balancing group management, end-consumer delivery, rate classification and end customer billing with a focus on decentralized generation.

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Supplier role

We can take over all processes for the delivery of electricity to end customers on the basis of EDIFACT message types. Our platform provides a rate calculator with a comprehensive range of functions via a frontend. We also offer billing of electricity purchases with the end customer. We can make our offers available through numerous interfaces.


The Lumenaza team provides comprehensive services. For example, we also offer telephone end customer, producer and marketing-partner hotlines to clarify open questions. We provide templates for sales and advise our customers on strategic issues and product development.

Role as balancing group manager

Lumenaza is responsible for compliance with the regulatory requirements of balancing group management. As a balancing group manager, we create load forecasts and monitor deviations. We balance balancing groups regionally with the help of the algorithms of the Lumenaza software. We optimize the marketing of surplus electricity or procure the residual electricity on the market.

Role as a direct marketer

As a direct marketer, we purchase the electricity directly from the producer. On the basis of the production forecast made by Lumenaza, we can monitor plants and prepare producer billing on the basis of the feed-in quantities transmitted by the grid operator. 

Sales and customer management

Lumenaza produces the customer communications in the look & feel of the supplier. This includes the production of all documents for producers, such as feed-in invoices, from order confirmation to the final, monthly and annual accounts for consumers. Even complex billing documents, for example those taking account of membership fees as well as insurance and maintenance services in prosumer communities, can be flexibly created, adapted and generated at any time.

Lumenaza provides a cockpit to inspect and manage the master data of consumers and producers. All data available at Lumenaza, such as contract data, production facility specifications and KPIs, such as the number of registered customers and quantities delivered, is displayed in the cockpit.

Customer portal / CMS

In order to offer energy services and electricity products effectively on the internet, we have developed an end-customer portal as a white-label solution. The portal can be set up in the look and feel of the producer or supplier. Lumenaza provides a content-management system for this purpose, which can be used to independently adapt essential elements such as text modules and photos.

The main aspects are the rate calculator, which maps all usual rate types in Germany, the final distance for the on-line contract conclusion, as well as the “market place,” where producers and their plants are described in detail so end customers can precisely trace the origin of their electricity.

Our web-kit is modular and can be customized with many different plug-ins. Here is an overview of our ongoing projects.

Our business model

We operate our platform as a “software-as-a-service,” which means that we maintain the software and IT infrastructure and customers use our service in the cloud. You can decide as a customer which services in the Lumenaza platform you need. We customize the software individually and take over maintenance and further development. Our business model includes the one-time calculation of the set-up effort for a project as well as variable license fees depending on the number of customers supplied and the amount of electricity purchased. You are welcome to contact us for questions and a personalized offer.

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