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Our services for new players

We provide new players with access to the transformed energy market via our software. We offer modular solutions to integrate new innovative technologies and sales approaches into the decentralized energy supply for the market. Community approaches, regional power products, and product additions are examples of how new players can gain market access and increase customer loyalty.

The Lumenaza software platform offers a complex portfolio of services for all participants in the new energy world, such as energy hardware and software manufacturers, project developers and energy cooperatives. As a distribution partner, you benefit from fast implementation and realization of the technical infrastructure, smooth integration into your existing systems as well as low adaptation costs.

For energy hardware and software manufacturers

Take a new path with us. As a manufacturer of storage systems, charging stations, BHK'w or energy-management software, you can use us to diversify your portfolio and provide your customers with a more comprehensive offer. Lumenaza software not only automates and competitively bundles renewable power plants, private facilities and storage systems, and sells electricity to end users, it also manages balancing groups and provides real-time energy-management data to all market participants. For example, new tariff types such as energy clouds and community approaches will complement your products and help you achieve greater customer loyalty. We can also support you with our many years of experience on the way to becoming your own supplier. We have already taken this step with EnBW and the Solar+ product:

For project developers

Expand your product portfolio as a project developer with us. In many cases, the first step is to regionally market the electricity from the plants in your project. In doing so, we can use our software to take on all energy-related tasks and functions, such as the supplier role. Thanks to our co-branding approach, you can still operate under your own brand. That means no only can you win new customers, but you can also appeal to old ones with new offers. We are happy to develop further approaches for integration into your product portfolio and for development of customer loyalty together with you. actensys GmbH from Ellzee already successfully offers its own electricity to its customers:

For energy cooperatives

Our software enables energy cooperatives to re-market their self-generated energy to their members. We take care of all energy-related tasks and functions, such as the supplier role. Thanks to our co-branding approach, you can still operate under your own brand. So you can also appeal to and win new members. The electricity from third-party systems can also be integrated into the regional electricity product. Customers can understand where their electricity comes from and the value added remains in the region. Lumenaza makes it possible for local players to easily promote the local energy revolution. Jurenergie eG has already taken this step successfully:

For other players

Are you also working on innovative solutions? Have we captured your interest but none of the above descriptions apply to you? No problem. Let’s talk about how we can implement your projects together. Contact us!

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