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Generate electricity for your region

For the moment all information is only valid for the German market.

We bring together electricity producers and consumers in regional communities and prosumer communities. In order to achieve our goal of a completely decentralized power supply, we can take over aggregation for any renewable energy plant. The change is risk-free – You benefit from possible additional revenues.

As the owner of a photovoltaic, biogas, wind power or hydropower plant, you can benefit from slightly higher rates through aggregation. We provide your excess electricity to other households in your area where there is a need.

Direct marketing as a new norm

The direct marketing of decentralized green electricity became the norm in 2014, and the classic feed-in rate became an exception. If you place your production plant in direct marketing, you can generate additional revenue depending on the date of approval and commissioning of your plant, in particular via the management premium paid to put your electricity on the market.

Voluntary or mandatory direct marketing?

Within direct marketing, a distinction is made between voluntary or mandatory direct marketing. The size and the commissioning date of your plant is decisive here. You can classify your system in the respective category using the table.

With voluntary direct marketing, you decide whether you want to sell your feed-in electricity according to the fixed feed-in rate model or direct marketing. Switching to voluntary direct marketing is risk-free for you. You can switch to direct marketing and also return to the feed-in rate every month.

In the case of mandatory direct marketing, you do not have this choice. Regardless of whether you decide voluntarily or are obligated, the compensation from direct marketing is the maximum possible compensation for your solar power according to the Renewable Energies Act (EEG):

Do you want to become a regional electricity producer? It’s easy!

We make direct marketing as easy as possible for you and take care of the essential administrative tasks that every producer has to fulfill in direct marketing.

Production forecast
Based on weather forecasts, we determine the necessary production forecast for the next day and communicate it to the responsible grid operators. Our self-learning algorithms guarantee a high quality.

Change to direct marketing
We take over the communication with the network operator for the re-registration of your system in the direct marketing.

Accounting of the "Marktprämie"
We handle the settlement of the "Marktprämie"-payment with the responsible network operator. You can decide whether you want to have the bonus transferred from us or directly from the network operator.

Technical upgrade
The technical upgrade of your system is carried out by a qualified installer, who is commissioned by us. Lumenaza has also developed its own gateway, which can be installed if required. We are happy to support you in upgrading other hardware components such as intelligent measuring systems.

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