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We give municipal utilities and energy suppliers the opportunity to develop decentral utilities as their core business and simultaneously enable a secure supply with electricity, fullfill the customer´s need for clean, flexible and transparent energy supply and thus gather further value creation potential.

The software highlights the increasing demand for transparency and personalization by energy customers, as well as the trend towards building communities, energy clouds and delivering tailor-made solutions to its participants. Lumenaza’s scalable and flexible software connects renewable energy producers, from small rooftop PV systems up to large wind farms, with energy consumers and enables precise billing. This makes it possible to provide customers with advanced solutions such as community energy clouds, local and regional energy or even nation-wide innovative tariff concepts including time-based tariffs, flat tariffs and peer-to-peer energy solutions.

Lumenaza is helping municipal utilities and energy suppliers to provide regional electricity from largely renewable energies and thereby actively involving the people. Consumers and producers of electricity from decentralized power generation can find each other with the help of our software platform. Our technology combines a large number of systems into a network of virtual power plants. Sophisticated algorithms optimize generation and consumption for the electricity balance for your region.

Our software opens up the way for utility companies to cooperate with end customers in the future with innovative energy services and in the implementation of peer-to-peer models. It functions as a “utility in a box” because it can handle virtually all the functions of an energy service provider in a modular and highly automated manner. Here are some of the projects implemented with our technology:

Our projects

Modules of our software platform

Lumenaza’s “utility in a box” software enables the mapping of all energy-management processes and functions needed to procure decentralized renewable electricity through EEG direct marketing, as well as its regional distribution and supply within energy communities. The solution is offered as a “software-as-a-service,” meaning that the software is hosted by Lumenaza and operated in the cloud. In addition, it is a managed service, i.e. we take care of the handling of all processes.

The following shows the software modules that can be mapped with the software. They can be divided project-specifically into a work-split to be defined between the involved parties.

Many of the illustrated modules can be viewed and controlled via the Lumenaza cockpit. These include, in particular, the contract data of the end customer, including registration status and billing, the technical data of the production facilities including forecasts, the rate tool and the balancing group overview. This provides access to Lumenaza’s plant and end-user data for employees of the utility customer center. The data can also be made available via extensive interfaces (APIs).

Our services

Your benefits

As a municipal utility, your decades of local roots put you in an ideal position to implement the vision of a regional energy supply from predominantly renewable energy sources. What our platform offers you:

Our offers

We would like to implement our concept in practice with you as an innovative municipal utility. We host the platform and can serve your customers under your branding. Producers in your territory can immediately sell the electricity to the regional community and benefit from a higher price than the feed-in rate. Consumers receive regional (green) electricity. All customers receive access to a detailed overview of the regional electricity balance from renewable energies. We adapt the platform together in technological terms to the needs of your region.

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