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We enable suppliers to sell truly regional energy products, undertake direct marketing and provide modular mapping of all energy-related processes and functions. Find out more here.


We take over the role of electricity supplier for new players, helping them to supplement their product portfolio and combine it into new solutions. Find out more here.

New players

We take over direct marketing for producers so owners of renewable energy systems can benefit from slightly higher rates. Read more here.


The software for the energy revolution

Lumenaza is the software provider for the new, decentralized and digitized energy world. The software can offer virtually all the functions that are needed in the energy market in a modular form as a “utility-in-a-box”. We are able to monitor renewable power plants, include power from large and small generation plants, manage balancing groups, and make real-time energy management data available to all market participants. The green electricity can be resold directly to the end customer. We make it possible to connect and intelligently manage all participants in the new energy world in a single digital marketplace, thereby addressing utilities, new players and producers alike. Lumenaza thus provides a peer-to-peer energy market.



Three things that make us unique

We develop individual solutions for all energy players!

Our software solution makes it possible to monitor and map regional electricity markets in a completely transparent way. It also offers modular solutions to integrate new innovative technologies and sales approaches into the decentralized energy supply for the market. This gives all energy players access to the new energy market.

Our solutions for utilities Our solutions for new players

We put a face on electricity!

We enable regional players such as municipal utilities, energy cooperatives and project developers to offer their customers a regional electricity product from renewable energies using our software. That means we are creating a marketplace for the decentralized production and storage as well as the flexible consumption of electricity, where producers and consumers in the same region can come together.

Our projects

We really market your electricity regionally!

No matter whether it is a small solar system on your house roof for your own consumption or an agricultural biogas plant with flexible system control. You can bring any renewable energy system into regional direct marketing with us. And you can benefit from slightly higher compensation rates.

Information for producers