Contributing to net-zero through green electricity

Contributing to net-zero through green electricity

29 Oct 2021 / Market

The time has finally come - the world's attention will be focused on Glasgow and the Climate Conference to be held there. Last year, the meeting was postponed due to the global pandemic, but now the conference can take place in the UK with around 25,000 participants from almost 200 nations.



COP26 - the 26th Conference of the Parties - is a particularly important meeting. In the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015, it was announced that countries must submit their updated carbon emission targets every five years. These so-called NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions) are a core component in achieving the goal of limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees. 


That is why states, companies, but also NGOs have set themselves the goal of achieving a net-zero target by 2050 at the latest. These net-zero emissions mean that greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere no longer increase, and unavoidable emissions are compensated for, or CO2 is even removed from the atmosphere again. 


Decisive measures are necessary 


In August 2021, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published the first part of its new Assessment Report, warning of much faster global warming than previously assumed. At the current rate of development, the climate will already warm by 1.5 degrees around 2030 compared to the pre-industrial era. That is ten years earlier than still forecast in 2018. 


Solutions are therefore needed to help ensure that emissions can be reduced quickly. That's one of the underlying ideas behind Lumenaza - to help ensure that we live in a more sustainable society through green power. But what can these solutions look like? 


Companies drive innovation 


With Lumenaza, companies can implement solutions in the fight against climate change. The software-as-a-service platform helps all companies to start, grow and evolve their own business. This includes products such as electricity with a clear origin, which empowers organizations such as Phoenix Corporate Services to offer electricity. Lumenaza's white label solution handles energy management processes, billing and balancing group management. Lumenaza also enables innovative players like Envision Digital to offer smart tariffs and green electricity as part of EV home charging offerings.  


These approaches are important to offer customized solutions that address the needs of each target group. This embeds green electricity in our daily lives and the broader society. At the same time, internal company processes and ideas are needed to realize effective contributions to rapid climate protection. 


Employees as the key for climate action 


Company Communities are an instrument for companies to fulfill this responsibility together with their employees. They accelerate the transformation toward net-zero and at the same time strengthen employee retention within a company.  


The basic idea of Company Communities is to promote the widespread use of climate-neutral green electricity products within a company and especially among its employees. Company-owned renewable energy plants that produce more electricity than is consumed within the company itself can feed the surplus electricity into the Company Community. Employees can purchase the electricity from these plants at fair conditions for their private households or to charge their electric cars.  


Employees purchase electricity of clear origin that is produced by the company. If the quantities fed in by the Company Community producers do not meet the demand of the consumers at certain times, we provide the Company Community with additional green power from the Lumenaza portfolio. 


Company Communities make companies greener 


Company Communities strengthen the sense of community and employees' loyalty to the company. With Lumenaza's electricity voucher solution, companies can subsidize the private purchase of electricity from the Company Community with a monthly contribution. Lumenaza's software handles the complex billing processes.  


By offering these vouchers, companies not only motivate their employees to reduce their own carbon footprint. They also support their own employer branding activities by being perceived as an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable company. In the fierce competition for the best employees, this increases attractiveness and allows companies to stand out from the competition. 


By establishing a company community, companies also encourage their employees to cover their private electricity needs with climate-neutral community electricity. Companies can generate green electricity through their own portfolio and feed it into the Company Community. Both measures significantly reduce the carbon footprint in the corporate context and accelerate the transformation to net-zero. 


Boosting corporate responsibility 


From 2023, the group of companies that have to report on their sustainability activities will expand. In the future, this will even be located on a par with financial reporting and in the management report. Based on consumption and feed-in data of the community members, Lumenaza calculates the saved CO2 emissions and continuously provides them to the companies for their reporting. Company Communities help enterprises to do good: to offer their employees green electricity of clear origin at a lower price, to reduce their own CO2 emissions and to report on them transparently and continuously. 


Does this sound exciting to you? Contact us to find out more details. 

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