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  • Why electricity suppliers should pass on the GHG quota to their customers

    01 Mar 2022 / Market

    In Germany, the greenhouse gas quota (GHG quota) has been all over the news since the beginning of the year, as EV owners are now able to actively benefit from it. Electricity suppliers have the opportunity to create an attractive offer that directly includes the GHG quota in the electricity contract. For end-customers, the new rule results in a reduction in their electricity costs without having to make any additional effort. In this blog we explain how easy it is to do this with Lumenazas energy as a service platform and what exactly the GHG quota entails.

  • Intelligently charging fleets with green electricity

    03 Dec 2021 / Market

    The transformation of mobility is accelerating: Between January and October 2021, just under 270,000 new electric vehicles were registered, already significantly more than the approximately 190,000 new registrations in the whole of 2020. This means that more than one in ten newly registered cars are now powered purely by electricity; hybrid drives also account for more than a quarter of new registrations. These figures illustrate the far-reaching transformation of mobility - away from combustion engines and toward sustainable, electric drives.

  • Contributing to net-zero through green electricity

    29 Oct 2021 / Market

    The time has finally come - the world's attention will be focused on Glasgow and the Climate Conference to be held there. Last year, the meeting was postponed due to the global pandemic, but now the conference can take place in the UK with around 25,000 participants from almost 200 nations.

  • Business opportunities in the Spanish energy transition

    30 Sep 2021 / Market

    Since the abolition of its controversial 'sun tax' in 2018, Spain has been opening up to new energy business models that benefit its people and the adoption of renewable energies. Digitalization, a tariff structure change in summer 2021 and regulatory changes, including the transposition of EU directives for Renewable Energy Communities and Citizen Energy Communities, are successfully preparing the Spanish energy market for national climate-neutrality by 2050.

  • Why future-oriented companies should know about distributed green energy: case study Lumenaza and Regionah Energie

    27 Aug 2021 / Market

    Regionah Energie is a green energy supplier that passionately believes in a people-driven energy transition and proactively realizes this via close collaboration with its customers.

  • Smoothly implementing changes in market communication

    30 Jun 2021 / Market

    Every year, the changes in market communication (MaKo) present significant challenges to many municipal utilities and energy suppliers in Germany. The extensive requirements of MaKo 2020 don’t feel long ago, but the next major changes are already on the horizon as part of MaKo 2022. Timely implementation requires increased time and financial resources from energy suppliers. Working with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company allows them to realize the digitalization and automation of market and business processes, and to smoothly implement the regular MaKo changes.

  • Why blockchain isn't the energy industry's silver bullet

    03 May 2021 / Technology

    Blockchain has become a buzzword in recent years, with the underlying technology cited as a promising concept in many fields. For some, blockchain technology is also seen as a beacon of hope for the energy industry. At first glance, this is an interesting approach. However, on closer inspection, it is clear that blockchain alone will not be enough to shape the electricity market of the future. Instead, we need a comprehensive community solution capable of managing the complex transactions of all energy market participants.

  • Latest reform of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act creates a new market segment for battery suppliers

    01 Apr 2021 / Market

    More than 20 years have passed since the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) came into force in Germany. For many solar installations, the 20-year subsidy period is now coming to an end and, by the end of 2025, almost 195,000 PV systems will no longer be eligible for support. In mid-December 2020, a reform of the EEG - EEG 2021 - was passed that clarified what will happen to subsidized systems after the subsidy period expires. One notable part of this amendment was the introduction of indirect incentives for PV system operators to refit their systems for self-consumption. To maximize self-consumption, it is beneficial for them to have their own electricity storage system. Therefore, battery providers can boost customer interest by offering an attractive bundle product combining storage solutions with a residual electricity tariff.

  • Time-based electricity tariffs - an innovative and appropriate solution for e-mobility

    22 Feb 2021 / Market

    E-mobility is on the rise across Europe. In Germany, the Federal Motor Transport Authority logged over 43,000 newly registered electric vehicles (EVs) in December 2020, a record high. The continued growth of EVs means that more flexible appliances need to be integrated into the grid. This additional demand, coupled with the increasing importance of decentralized, green energy generation, poses major challenges for the power grid. What is the most future-proof instrument to meet this testing situation? In Germany, discussions are underway. This blog considers the options.

  • Our predictions and hopes for the distributed energy market in 2021

    28 Jan 2021 / Market

    In 2020, we saw an unprecedented number of sustainability commitments from states, companies and investors, providing hope that the goals of the Paris Agreement can be reached. So, what needs to happen next to make a sustainable, distributed energy market a reality? With the relevant EU regulation and necessary technology already established, here's what we, as a software company powering the green distributed energy world, hope for and expect to happen in 2021.

  • Latest information on Lumenaza's energy as a service platform for green utilities

    06 Jan 2021 / Technology

    Today, green utilities demand scalable solutions to grow and diversify their offering, as end-customers expect fast access to innovative products for various applications. That's why we have developed the leading energy-as-a-service platform, connecting producers and consumers of green distributed energy.

  • Offering green electricity at wholesale price

    30 Dec 2020 / Technology

    Traditionally, household tariffs charge pretty much the same price no matter when electricity is used. Smart tariffs are starting to change this, however. For a start, electric cars can now be charged at a significantly lower cost in countries such as Germany.

  • Why car manufacturers should offer green electricity tariffs

    30 Nov 2020 / Market

    Electrification poses major challenges for car manufacturers. In addition to the development of electric vehicles (EVs), comprehensive, green charging infrastructure is needed for e-mobility to succeed and to alleviate drivers' apprehension of switching to electric.

  • The German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG): A lot of noise, though little progress

    30 Oct 2020 / Market

    2020 has been a surprising year in many ways, but September brought several astonishing developments for German energy and climate policy. After months of inaction, the major amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) was rushed through departmental coordination and state and association hearings in just under four weeks, before being quickly adopted by the cabinet.

  • The Software as a Service platform for green utilities

    07 Sep 2020 / Technology

    Lumenaza enables green utilities to start, grow or evolve their business. We have developed the leading energy as a service platform, connecting producers and consumers of green distributed energy. Our open, modular cloud platform works across the full end customer lifecycle and is adaptable to diverse use cases. We offer innovative ways of integrating new products within current portfolios, strengthen existing legacy systems and provide easy access to the energy market.

  • We need to accelerate the energy transition - now

    23 Apr 2020 / Market

    Everyone is occupied with one topic at the moment: the global COVID-19 crisis. Understandably so - everybody's normal routines and habits have been impacted. At Lumenaza, we have monitored the situation closely and decided early on to allow everybody to work from home. Our key priority is to ensure that our employees, their families and dear ones stay safe. This remains our focus while the first restrictions are lifted, shops reopen and children return to schools.

  • Using market-based innovations instead of preventing them

    13 Mar 2020 / Market

    Next year, the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) subsidy will expire for the country's first solar power plants, especially small PV plants. The energy sector is already discussing how generation capacity can continue to be used economically. Now, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has taken a clear position in the debate with their own study.

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