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25 Apr 2024 / News

The representation of women* in technical roles is significantly low, especially in Germany. Lumenaza is addressing this by enhancing recruitment strategies and fostering an inclusive environment.


In Europe, 38% of STEM graduates are women, yet only 23% take on technical roles, highlighting a gender gap in the tech industry. This issue is more pronounced in Germany, where women's participation in tech is especially low. Women* face several obstacles in the workplace, including biases and imposter syndrome. 
At Lumenaza, we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. We collaborate with external consultants to improve our recruitment methods, creating a welcoming culture that attracts and retains women* in tech.

Currently, women make up only 37% of the workforce in the European tech sector, and without intervention, this could drop to 21% by 2027. It is crucial to increase female representation, challenge stereotypes, and provide role models to inspire future generations. 

Lumenaza is working towards a more innovative future and encourages women* interested or experienced in tech and energy to apply for our open positions. We offer an inclusive work environment dedicated to promoting diversity and supporting talent. As part of this effort, we want to share a short story from our colleague Kia, who has found her way into the technology and energy sectors:

What brought you into tech?
„What brought me here, was that my boyfriend started working here last summer and before that, I had not much of an idea of the tasks and from hearing about what the job was actually about, daily for months, I felt like that was something I would like to do too.“

Do you have any tips?
„To have no fears, even when one is new to the field. To trust in one‘s own strengths. Generally, I feel that women have good opportunities today, as a higher female quota is desired.“

If you're interested in joining Kia's team, click here to explore our current job openings and submit your application.
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